Acupuncture needles in high quality for a good price and fast delivery

In this shop you can use those acupuncure needles, that we ourselves use every day at Boel Akupunktur.

The needles are very high quality, the prices are reasonable and we have fast delivery.

We only carry EACU needles. They are designed so that the needle is good to hold and does not bend easily. The tip is produced so that it can withstand penetrating the skin several times without becoming dull. 2 of the needles were designed by John Boel himself, so they were just right to use for both Acunova, Chinese acupuncture (TCM) and modern acupuncture.

All needles are disposable needles and comply with both Danish and European standards.

In this shop you can not buy other equipment for acupuncture, you can not buy couches, acupuncture books, etc.

If there are problems on the page or you do not get the needles you have ordered, you are welcome to contact Helene at It is Helene who makes sure the needles are sent.

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